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Luby Prytulak
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The videos below (click a picture to play) document a battle to restore the standard of mathematical competence of having students master multiplication of multi-digit numbers and long division by the end of Grade 5.  The TwelveByTwelve (TBT) standard, in contrast, views this goal as lamentably low, one more properly met by the end of Grade 1.  By the end of Grade 5, a TBT student can be completing university courses in Calculus and Chemistry and a foreign language, and this while playing Tchaikovsky and Mozart and Beethoven and Bach on his piano for recreation, as can be seen at the bottom of the TwelveByTwelve Pilot Study report.

M. J. McDermott: An Inconvenient Truth

M. J. McDermott: An Inconvenient Truth

I have a question for you.  Do you think that students in Washington State should learn multiplication and division with mastery by the end of the fifth grade? — M. J. McDermott

Persuasive demonstration of why it has been a mistake to leave education to the educators.    Originally from YouTube

Re: An Inconvenient Truth

Re: An Inconvenient Truth

I've just watched the most infuriating video I've ever seen in my life.  Apparently, they're teaching our kids a new way of doing math. — Anonymous

Three multiplication algorithms are timed.  Also, it is demonstrated that long division is not merely useful to divide two numbers, but can also be indispensable in advanced mathematics.    Originally from YouTube

Unintended consequences of TERC

Unintended consequences of the TERC Investigations Math Curriculum

Well, that way was more confusing, and it was like all over the place. — Third-Grader

A 3rd grader explains how to solve a "hard" addition problem using the TERC/Investigations method she learned in school, and following that shows how to solve the same problem using a traditional algorithm which she learned at home but is not allowed to use in school.    Originally from YouTube

Sue Middleton

Frederick Maryland Against TERC Investigations Math

Our teachers [...] spent a tremendous amount of time developing their own systems and connections for how to approach different math problems, to the point where everyone was doing something different, even for a simple addition problem. — Sue Middleton reading from Shannon DeMita

Sue Middleton reads a letter against TERC Investigations Math from Shannon DeMita (the K-12 Curriculum Specialist at Coventry Local School Districts in Akron Ohio) at the Frederick County Public Schools (FCPS) Maryland Board of Education Meeting on June 10, 2009.    Originally from YouTube

Cliff Mass: A University View

Cliff Mass: A University View

During the past decade, my colleagues and I have noticed a dramatic decrease in the math capabilities of incoming freshmen at the University of Washington. — Cliff Mass, professor of atmospheric sciences at the University of Washington

A comprehensive picture of the damage that has been inflicted.    Originally from YouTube

NBC News Reports on Fuzzy Math

NBC News Reports on Fuzzy Math (February 18, 2008)

Well, basics are fine, but you can't go back.  The world's changed.  The digital age is still being born. — Tim Brennan, Ridgwood, NJ Interim Superintendent

The cancer has metastasized all over the US.    Originally from YouTube

In Praise of McDermott

Bruce Deitrick Price: In praise of McDermott

The sickest part of the scam is the claim that kids who can't do the simplest arithmetic are learning to "think about" math.  This claim is used to keep kids ignorant. — Bruce Deitrick Price

It's not an attack on just math, it's an attack on all learning.    Originally from YouTube

John Stossel ABC 20/20 Stupid in America

John Stossel ABC 20/20:  Stupid in America

If the kids in America couldn't do this, then they're really stupid. — Belgian student

American students compared to Belgian    The complete broadcast is on YouTube