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Jean Piaget
Jean Piaget
19 Aug 2015   SpaceCraft User Manual   From Chronicling to Teaching: Jean Piaget's Three Mountains inspire SpaceCraft Computer Assisted Instruction

The question before us is whether spatial skills resemble mathematical skills — that is, whether the spatial skills bestowed by spontaneous learning are the equivalent in mathematics of adding and subtracting small integers, and the spatial skills bestowed by deliberate instruction might prove to be the equivalent of doing Algebra and Trigonometry and Calculus? — Luby Prytulak


To play a video, click its blue Performance Number in the table below.  Performance of an Etude is sometimes followed by a quick Exploration-Interval demonstration of the effects of certain keystrokes.

After watching a video, you will be able to return to the instant page by clicking the RETURN TO PREVIOUS PAGE arrow in your browser.  The explanation of what is happening can be found in the SpaceCaft User Manual, which can be accessed by double-clicking on the portrait of Jean Piaget above.

In an effort to avoid long downloading times, the performances have tended to be brisk, so to understand precisely what is happening, the viewer may occasionally need to pause play.  It is unfortunate that the quality of the video captures below (colors are muddy, edges are ragged, motion is jumpy) is far below the quality of the original SpaceCraft software.

  1   Taras 1 29 Aug 2015   6k / 16s 48 [A]  [W]
  2   Taras 2 29 Aug 2015 12k / 19s 61 [R][G][B][Y][P][C]
  3   Taras 3 29 Aug 2015 18k / 21s 46 [S]
  4   Taras 4 29 Aug 2015 12k / 21s 59 [X]  [D]
  5   Taras 5 30 Aug 2015   6k / 23s 36
  6   Taras 6 30 Aug 2015 12k / 43s 56 [S] on game time
  7   Taras 7 30 Aug 2015 18k / 37s 53
  8   Taras 8 30 Aug 2015 13k / 37s 51 [S] on game timer
  9   Taras 9 30 Aug 2015   6k / 32s 44
  10   Taras 10 30 Aug 2015 12k / 49s 60