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Considerations of Local Impact 19 Jul 2016    CONSIDERATIONS OF LOCAL IMPACT
Smithers Journal of Education  #2

There are a few things that drive home buyers to double (or triple) their commute times, expand their budgets or even consider moving houses in the first place.  Living next to a top school is the number one driver. — TheRedPin

Where is Education's Equivalent of the Boeing 787? 14 Jul 2016    WHERE IS EDUCATION'S EQUIVALENT OF THE BOEING 787?
Smithers Journal of Education  #1

This is as stunning and disturbing an observation as would be the observation that the plane that the Wright brothers jerry-built in 1903 had been for more than a century afterward judged to be the very best plane imaginable, and so had been left unimproved. — Luby Prytulak

Call for Venture Capital 23 Mar 2016    GENIUS IS THE NEW NORMAL

LOFTY learning produces median 90th percentile performance at the end of the first year, and 99th percentile at the end of the second year.  No other reform package makes such a claim.  No other reform package offers data supporting such a claim.  No other reform package describes a teaching methodology capable of inspiring credibility for such a claim.

The inaugural GENIUS-IS-THE-NEW-NORMAL school will open its doors on September 2016 with the goal of delivering 90th percentile performance by 30 June 2017, and 99th percentile performance by 30 June 2018.

21 Jan 2016    Genius is the New Normal

Next was science class.  Once again, at least a third of the class went to sleep.  It was almost farcical.  How did Korean kids get those record-setting scores if they spent so much of their time asleep in class? — Amanda Ripley

ROBO needs to Roll Left 45 degrees to achieve MandVu
28 Aug 2015    SpaceCraft Index Page

The Craft in SpaceCraft signifies not Vehicle, but Skill.  SpaceCraft is a program for acquiring advanced spatial skills.

Three axes of head rotation
19 Aug 2015    SpaceCraft User Manual   From Chronicling to Teaching: Jean Piaget's Three Mountains inspire SpaceCraft Computer Assisted Instruction

The question before us is whether spatial skills resemble mathematical skills — that is, whether the spatial skills bestowed by spontaneous learning are the equivalent in mathematics of adding and subtracting small integers, and the spatial skills bestowed by deliberate instruction might prove to be the equivalent of doing Algebra and Trigonometry and Calculus? — Luby Prytulak

The Zombie Hypothesis
24 Sep 2013    The Zombie Hypothesis

In all the mathematics and science courses that I ever took in high school, or as an undergraduate at the University of Toronto, or as a graduate student at Stanford, I almost never had any idea of what the teacher or professor was talking about. — Luby Prytulak

REESE BOBBY in Talladega Nights
16 Sep 2013    Paradigm Shift In Education

Your teacher wants you to go slow, and she's wrong, 'cause it's the fastest who gets paid and it's the fastest who gets laid. — Reese Bobby in Talladega Nights

Edexcel cheating scandal
25 Jun 2013    Edexcel Cheating Scandal

A box of exam papers has been lost during the dispatch process by the carrier responsible for our distribution.  We are confident that the extent of the breach is limited in scope, but we want to be certain that the integrity of these examinations is not compromised in any way.  We will therefore be issuing replacement papers for these examinations to all centres with entries. — Edexcel

Marko's Penmanship Notebooks
14 Jun 2013    Marko's Penmanship Notebooks

Man, in a state of revery, is generally pro-de Gaulle. — Marko

Enriched is Better than Impoverished, Dick and Jane, Something Funny, Level 1 reader
13 Jun 2013    Fundamentals of TwelveByTwelve
Chapter 2: Enriched is Better than Impoverished

Look, Dick.
Look, look.
Oh, oh.
Look, Dick. — William S. Gray and Zerna Sharp, Dick and Jane

Pirates of Penzance, Frederic, Faithless Woman
12 Jun 2013    Chapter 2 Supplement
Faithless Woman!  and  Apprentice to a Pirate  from  Pirates of Penzance

FREDERIC:   You told me you were fair as gold!
RUTH:   And, master, am I not so?
FREDERIC:   And now I see you're plain and old.
RUTH:   I'm sure I'm not a jot so.

Albrecht Durer self portrait at age 13
25 May 2013    Saboteurs of Education Create a Fumblefinger Society

Doctors' sloppy handwriting kills more than 7,000 people annually. — Jeremy Caplan

Finger of blame ETS cheating
15 May 2013    Can students reverse the finger of blame?   A reconsideration of who's responsible for the cheating on ETS exams

Thus, if a man should, for a wager, discharge a gun among a multitude of people, and any should be killed, he would be deemed guilty of intending the death of such person; for every man is presumed to intend the natural consequences of his own actions. — Mozley & Whitley

Ernest Hemingway
09 May 2013    Can Robo-Grading pass the Genius-or-Gibberish test?

"Can I offer you a beer on the Terrace and then we'll take the stuff home."  "Yes," the boy said. "Haven't we?  But we have."  "No," the old man said. — Ernest Hemingway, The Old Man and the Sea, Gibberish Version

Apple Magnetic Monitor
03 May 2013    Apple Magnetic Monitor   (new ending has been attached)

Currently, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome affects over 8 million Americans. — U.S. Department of Labor

Jerzy Kosinski autographing Passion Play
16 Apr 2013    Fundamentals of TwelveByTwelve
Chapter 1: Voracious learning and student heterogeneity lead to the great clash

In writing English, the omission of articles or the clustering of modifiers did not strike readers as charming; instead, it made the writer appear ignorant, half-educated, even stupid. — James Park Sloan

Syrian Air Force MIG deploys heat balloons
03 Apr 2013    Will Educational Innovation Prove To Be The Exclusive Domain Of Outsiders?

It was wonderful to see all those Israeli planes shot down by our missiles — their air force was supposed to be even better than the Americans'.  I was really proud. — Mohammed Omadi, Syrian Minister of Economics

United States Supreme Court seal
06 Mar 2013    Is Educational Innovation Patentable?

The machine-or-transformation test may well provide a sufficient basis for evaluating processes similar to those in the Industrial Age — for example, inventions grounded in a physical or other tangible form.  But there are reasons to doubt whether the test should be the sole criterion for determining the patentability of inventions in the Information Age. — United States Supreme Court, Bilski v Kappos (2010)

XTS/Explicit Transformational Syllabus
13 Jan 2013    Explicit Transformational Syllabus

Ten — at least — seemingly-ineradicable educational problems can either be totally resolved, or at least substantially alleviated, by a single remedy, which is the EXPLICIT TRANSFORMATIONAL SYLLABUS (XTS). — Luby Prytulak, PhD

Good Will Hunting poster-173x251.jpg

03 Sep 2012    Educational-Movie Review: Good Will Hunting (1997)

All right, well, Beethoven, okay?  He looked at a piano, and it just made sense to him.  He could just play. — Will Hunting

Dead Poets Society Poster

17 Jun 2012    Educational-Movie Review: Dead Poets Society (1989)

Gentlemen, tell you what, don't just tear out that page, tear out the entire introduction.  I want it gone, history.  Leave nothing of it.  Rip it out.  Rip!  Begone J. Evans Pritchard, Ph.D.  Rip, shred, tear.  Rip it out.  I want to hear nothing but ripping of Mr. Pritchard. — John Keating

TwelveByTwelve (TBT) Three students in HOT TUB

09 May 2012    TwelveByTwelve: The Pilot Study

The American standard of No Child Left Behind is among the many educational goals that as yet have only been set, but which TwelveByTwelve would be able to realize.

M. J. McDermott: An Inconvenient Truth

M. J. McDermott: An Inconvenient Truth

I have a question for you.  Do you think that students in Washington State should learn multiplication and division with mastery by the end of the fifth grade? — M. J. McDermott

Goodbye, Mr. Chips

30 Mar 2012    Educational-Movie Review: Goodbye Mr Chips (1939)

Now, Bullock, you don't mean to tell me that you can't find room for just one more muffin? — Katherine Chipping

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